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Jamie "Cedar" Rogers, MA
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Portland, OR 97219

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YouTube: Cedar's ❤️‍🩹 HeArt Light Supportive Presence Art

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"Cedar is very skilled at guiding one into the deeper self to access inner worlds. I loved the shamanic drawing class I had the opportunity to take and would highly recommend her work" ~ S.A.

"I've participated in Cedar's events as well as have witnessed first hand her unique talents and wisdom around helping others. When she hosted an event tied to drawing, I told her "Cedar, I'm not an artist." She laughed and asked if I could draw lines on paper. I had no clue that I was able to draw anything let alone reach within to explore worlds yet undiscovered.

I've witnessed Cedar inspire a mutual friend to transformational remembrance of who they really are within. Jamie is smart, beautiful, talented and grounded in reality while providing a safe anchor and opening up inner worlds of insights, exploration and adventure.

The downside? Cedar doesn't really know how good she is, if your are considering working with her I'll simply state you've found a rare treasure and opportunity to grow, heal, journey and explore undiscovered territory within your life." ~ David Nelson, Technologist

"Cedar, I want to thank you again for sharing your art therapy activity with SoulShine Mastermind. I observed these amazing people deep in trance as you quietly (yet deeply) helped them move through hidden, subconscious yearnings. The art and reflections we had were quite profound. Thank you for providing that safe container in such a loving and graceful way! I am always intrigued and amazed by the shamanic nature of your own art as well; I often can feel the impulses and themes you are working through for yourself as a catalyst and channel, but, also, on such a bigger, cosmic level. Thank you for being the gift. Your subtle, soft nuances of deep reflection and insight as to what someone might be going through, helping them unravel parts of themselves often leaves me reflecting on my own life. So thank you again for being that kind, steady guide on our journeys." ~ Heather Straube ~ Mystic, Muse, Medium (

"During a shamanic journey offered by Alder and Cedar, I was unable to let go and drift, due to pain I was unable to relieve. But, I am stubborn enough that I would not interrupt the proceedings. Then all of a sudden that pain was gone, I was able to relax and found myself in a ceremony of sorts. I attributed this to Cedar's Reiki application during the journey, which I believe relieved me of the pain and made it possible for me to proceed." ~ Dave Huffman

"I worked with Cedar for several sessions and I found great results. It was in a very loving and caring environment that always felt safe. Cedar has a great way of expressing what she sees happening in her sessions. I love the way she starts her sessions with a calming meditation. The results were nothing I could have thought they would be. I found the work to be rewarding and revealing. It was a fun working process for a therapy modality. She is highly recommended." ~ April Shattuck

"I have had the honor and privilege to experience Cedar's Cell Wisdom Portal Access process. Cedar brings an intuitive wisdom and guidance that allows my own process and spirit to awaken and speak to me. Each time I am amazed at what is waiting to reveal itself through words, movement, sounds and art. I highly recommend her Cell Wisdom Portal Access to anyone wanting to get more in touch with their body's innate wisdom." ~ Beth Astarte ~ Coach, Consultant (Anam Cara Journeys)

"Cedar used some incredible vocal toning and shamanic cleansing techniques as we walked through the forest. I recommend checking her out. It definitely brought me clarity and helped me work through a block on my throat chakra. Her kind gentle nature held space for me and offered wise advice as I went through my process!" ~ Melissa Macgregor

Cedar Pathways

Fly free with courage

At the heart of Cedar Pathways is the desire to inspire deeper universal connections, empower life experiences, and support the cultivation of our inner wisdom. This starts with being present and tuning in to the sensations and energies surrounding us. But it also involves opening and expanding our hearts, as bridges between our physical and spiritual realities. It's about fully loving ourselves, so we can fully love others. It's about appreciating the existence of all beings (people, plants, animals, earth, stars, etc.), as spiritual beings having interrelated physical experiences.

The specific pathways for getting there are experiential, allowing the formation of connectivity through sensation, reflection, and the development of metaphors. They are creative and expressive. They connect with the language of the heart, body, and spirit. They open and access information that is stored in the body, while also allowing spiritual guidance to flow through. Collectively, they support a deeper awareness of ourselves, our uniqueness, and our ability to create greater health, life meaning, and joy throughout our lives.

In forming these connections from the center of our hearts, we can improve our lives. We can improve the lives of others. We can create a better world for all of us to live in.

Within the layers
of cedar bark
a powerful presence
and protective resource
is revealed

Cedar Bark Layers But deeper within
at the core
is an impassioned
and compassionate

-- Jamie "Cedar" Rogers

Cedar's ❤️‍🩹
HeArt Light...

Spirit embodied art comes through the body rather than the mind and reveals your sacred wisdom. See Sacred Wisdom Rising...

Deepening universal connections, empowering life experiences, and cultivating inner wisdom can happen in different ways. At Cedar Pathways some of those ways include:

  • Supportive Presence

    Being supported by my calm, grounded, and heart-centered presence, as I actively hold space for you based on:

    • A spirituality that is a mixture of shamanism, buddhism, kundalini yoga, deep listening and sensing within silence, and reflecting on our interconnectedness
    • Explorations within the realm of energy, creative expression, internal guidance, sound, movement, and breath
    • A desire to hold space for personal transformations to unfold naturally within their own timing
  • Art Therapy Threads
  • Creative Expression

    By providing access points into the language of the heart, body, and spirit, creative expression can allow unconscious information to be revealed and understood. With this greater awareness, meaningful connections can be made that lead to the transformation and empowerment of life experiences.

  • Body Mapping

    Body MapAs a deeper mode of access to bodily knowledge, body mapping provides information about how particular life experiences are being held in the body. From this mapping, an area of exploration can be selected that lovingly encourages shifts in life experiences with greater ease.

    ReSounding Life
  • ReSounding Life

    From the perspective of spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are made of energy, sound, and breath. So, working with the energy body can serve to further awaken bodily knowledge and to shift current states of experience. ReSounding Life includes modalities such as Reiki, breathwork, sound, movement, and restorying, but also supports retention and ongoing interaction through the addition of creative expression.

  • Medicine Walks

    Our natural world holds many messages and insights for us when we pay attention. Holding an intention as we walk, gives us space to notice and appreciate the information that is available within our existing environments.

  • Creating Depth

    Everyone is looking for answers within their lives. This is about going deeper into our lives, looking for what is already there to explore in the present moment. This is about creating richer life experiences now.

  • Online connections

    Sign up for: Cedar Pathways: News and Events..., or visit the web pages below to Cedar's ❤️‍🩹 HeArt Light (YouTube), Supportive Presence (Written Reflections), and Sacred Wisdom Rising (Art Reflections).

    YouTube: Cedar's ❤️‍🩹 HeArt Light Supportive Presence Art

What I have outlined above is meant to offer a sense of what is possible within our interactions together. Specific areas of interest can be requested. However, another choice is just to allow space for what is needed at a particular time. Payment for services equates to what is received and can be made through PayPal.

With gratitude for your presence,
from my heart to yours,
with a desire for greater freedom and love within our lives,
-- Jamie "Cedar" Rogers